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When you put a Paddler in Lockdown...

When it goes from paddling 7 days a week, interacting with humans and heading out for the odd beer on a Saturday evening after a pool session to, being grounded indoors like a naughty child, not allowed out to play, not allowed to have your boats and most definitely not allowed out for a packet of sweets never mind a beer.

When one is told she can’t, then one must improvise….

When you’ve got no boats and no water, there really aren’t many other options, but when you’ve got an awesome imagination and an inner child, fun is never far away.

Here we go, just another one of those back in the days kinda stories (rolling of the eyes)...

Back when I was a child, my brother, cousins and I used to head off down the field at the back of our house where there was a dirty old puddle and two half blue barrels being used as feeding troughs. Children being children thought it would be great fun to paddle the barrels around this puddle. The best of the summer days where had down there, only returning home when we were hungry or it was bedtime, no need for entertaining, we provided our own. These fond memories triggered my first lockdown paddling brainwave.

One Girl, One Barrel, One Paddle and One Incredibly Dirty Puddle - #paddlingwithadifference

(All geared up and nowhere to go...)

(Apparently this is how the posh folk do it)

(As happy as a Pig in Poo....)

Unfortunately after this the barrel had to be returned to the cows before feeding time but the excitement did not end there...

If you can handle a bit more please read on.

The following week I needed another paddling fix, again lacking in paddling essentials and now carrying a leg injury so I had to improvise.

One girl, One paddle, One dodgy leg and No boat…


(Safety First, Helmet and BA - Check)

When the parentals are away (for their daily day walk), the child can play. Who knew that paddling around the garden in a wheel barrow singing ‘Row Row Row your Barrow’ could be so much fun.

(Sure if your not posing are you even a paddler)

(The Cheesy Smile only a Paddling Wheel Barrow could Bring)

Some say I have gone a little insane but don’t worry folks I’m just here for the entertainment. This lockdown thing is extremely tough for us all especially those fighting the real battle on the front line. So while we can’t paddle we need to make the most of what we can do. We can still smile, laugh, socialise with our family, friends and work colleagues online and plan adventures. We can still create crazy memories and look back on this time in years to come and know we spent it as well as we could.

Please share any crazy lockdown paddling below. I’m sure I’m not the only one who’s let her inner child escape.

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