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Level Six Freya Drysuit (Female Specific)

The Freya Drysuit by Level Six is a deluxe front entry suit designed specifically for female paddlers. The suit has features that include, rear relief zipper, fleece lined pockets, reinforced knees, latex wrist/neck seals and a double tunnel.

The Freya drysuit now comes in 2 colours, with the original Beet Red and now Crater Blue, to cater for those who requested a female suit that wasn't pink, purple or red.

I have had my Freya Drysuit for almost a year. Working full time in paddlesport coaching means my kit gets a lot of use and abuse, I've used my Freya drysuit for work purposes and personal paddling. It's been well used in a range of environments and it's still super dry and looks as good as it did the first day it came out of the packaging.

I love the front entry zip design, at first i wasn't sure, as i had heard it gets in the way when paddling, but I can confirm that has never been an issue. In fact I now love the front entry design more than the rear entry suits that I have had in the past. The long zip makes it easy to get in and out of and the front entry zip enables me to zip up without needing assistance from others.

For me the rear relief zipper is a game changer and my favourite part of the suit, having had one previously where the zip ran horizontal and would occasionally get caught in my kayak or made for an uncomfortable sit, to now having one I don't even notice when i sit down. The diagonal zip is a great design and fits the shape of the suit without adding extra inches onto the hip region. The rear relief zipper on this suit is a perfect combination for comfort in the boats and ease of use in the bushes. Working long days on the water has now become much more female friendly.

My second favourite part is the fleece lined pockets, Yes, they are as amazing as they sound. I now often wonder how I managed without them before. They are a great addition to the suit especially on the chilly coaching days when your standing/sitting around.

Overall the Freya Drysuit by Level Six is a fantastic female specific suit, the design has been well thought about. Its durable, the fit is great, it comes in colours to suit all and the rear zipper is a game changer for female paddlers. I would highly recommend this suit. If you pay for Quality you will get Quality with Level Six.

The Freya Suit gets a Thumbs Up from me!

Check it out here:

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