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Technique not Strength

I often have many conversations with paddlers who have been lead to believe that, because of their physique their unable to do things. Unable to paddle bigger graded water, unable to paddle in big wind, unable to paddle long distances and often unable to carry their own boat.

But as the saying goes 'If there is a Will, there is a Way!'

Just because your not built like Arnold Schwarzenegger, doesn't mean you can't do the things you want to do in Paddling. I'm only 5ft 5 and I don't have guns like Sylvester Stallone but I make up for that in sheer determination and technique.

Don't be Like Sponge Bob, just be yourself...

Paddling is an Art and technique is the key but it must be 'good' technique. Its a bit like that famous saying 'practice makes perfect' but we know only 'perfect practice makes perfect'.

What is Technique? Technique is a skilful and efficient way of doing or achieving something, it promotes high performance and reduces the risk of injury.

While coaching I often refer to good technique as paddling like a princess, paddling effortlessly with style and elegance and using our surroundings to our advantage.

P.S You don't even need to be female to paddle like a princess.

Don't be that one on the next open water canoe trip or sea trip grunting your way up wind, strength will only get you so far, be the one who's tracking along nicely with a smile on your face because you've got the technique. You may not always be the one at the front, but you will be the one still going after a long day on the water.

Just remember you can do anything if you suss the technique. Never let anyone tell you, you cant...because you can... If you want too!

LM Coaching runs bespoke technique courses for all disciplines, with the whitewater/open water canoeing courses being the most popular, getting small people efficient in big boats.

Check out Our Courses Page on the Website for more details -

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