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Paddlesport may not be the Cure but maybe it really is the Prevention...

There's been lots of breaking news, crap, heartache and ridiculous amounts of research this year about Coronavirus. The prevention's, the cures and basically anything that creates a silly story for the headlines.

At the University of LM Coaching, specialists in Paddlesports, we haven't tried or had any successful discoveries of a cure, a vaccine or the miracle mouth wash but what we have discovered is that a cure isn't everything if we can help prevent or reduce the spread.

You know that famous A in CLAP, Avoidance/Awareness is better than cure, maybe it was designed for more than leadership and more than safety. Maybe paddlers are actually really intelligent individuals... The sport we do naturally creates social distancing in a sociable kinda way and we are programmed to be aware and avoid things.

When we go paddling not only do we socially distance from each other naturally, we also exercise our bodies and our minds, we get some fresh air and we have a release from the crazy world. Together this makes us happy healthy individuals both in a physical and mental aspect.

So the question is do we need to wait for a cure or do we just need to keep paddling. Paddling is accessible to all, regardless of age and abilities. If I offer paddling as a prevention of covid to my family and my grandparents in their 80s they'd jump at the chance and why not.

Can we use the sport we all love to help save our loved ones and others around us? Is going paddling, being outdoors, being healthy physically and mentally the secret to surviving this crazy virus?

Here at LM Coaching we believe so!

Times are difficult but keep paddling, lets keep smiling and lets stay strong. Keep your loved ones close and remember what's important in life!

We will get though this together.

Much Love and Support to you all from Lyndsay at LM Coaching

I will see you all soon!

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