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Hou Canoe Low-Line Prospector Tinkerbell

So it's been almost a year since Tinkerbell my Hou Canoe Prospector and I were introduced. It was love at first sight with the looks but not with the action. Tinkerbell and I had a bit of a rocky start, we just weren't sure how each other worked, having never paddled a prospector before I felt I was to blame.

After a few days on the water I come to realise just how Tinkerbell operated, I learned how she liked to sit in the water and the shapes she liked to be in to allow her to work her magic on the water. As the days went on Tinkerbell and I created a real connection, I was pushing her more and more on bigger water, carving and styling it as we went, I was smiling and I bet she was too, especially when I discovered that even with the lowline hull, I still had a dry boat in big water. At this stage I could take the credit and say it was just my awesome paddling but I'm not going to, the design of the Hou Prospector deserves the credit for that one.

Tinkerbell paddles beautifully on the river and open water too, it tracks really well and cruises along nicely, it is the perfect all rounder for anyone who wants the full package in one boat. At 15'6" the Hou Prospector is a big boat, but at just 5'5" I can handle it nicely. I've always struggled to trim boats in the past even with heavy kit bags but with the Hou prospector I can easily trim for paddling in big winds, poling and paddling all kinds of whitewater. I use Tinkerbell several times a week for coaching, guiding and my own personal development, the bond we have as a pair is pretty special.

Hou Canoes will go the extra mile to ensure the boat is right for you, not only was my Prospector a lowline, I also had the outfitting adapted to make the boat as light as possible so I could move it around myself. The Hou Prospector is a well made boat, it's tough plastic and outfitting will ensure that Tinkerbell and I have a long paddling career together.

Need a Hou Paddling Companion in your Life?

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Thats all from us, Hous First Lady and Tinkerbell, check out LM Coaching for more of our Adventures or come join us on the water.

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