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Canoe and Kayak Coaching and Leadership

My Coaching Philosophy

My aim is to deliver safe, inclusive and inspiring paddlesport coaching.  I am committed to coaching and supporting each of my learners as individuals and adopting flexibility in response to their needs. I will use my experience and passion to empower my learners to achieve goals they once thought weren't possible. 


By adopting a professional relationship it allows my learners to build a connection of trust with me. I will create a friendly atmosphere, inspire confidence and provide a supportive caring network where my learners can challenge themselves in a safe environment .  The learners are at the heart of the process guiding me on their individual wants and needs in order to achieve success.”


Lyndsay McPhee - LM Coaching

Professional Paddlesports Coaching and Guiding



LM Coaching is a UK based Kayak and Canoe Coaching and Paddlesport Guiding Company run by Female Paddlesports Coach Lyndsay McPhee. 


LM Coaching are extremely passionate about kayaking and canoeing coaching and we want to share our passion, experience and knowledge of paddlesport with our clients.  We focus our kayak/canoe coaching and paddlesport guiding on your wants and needs. 



Our Drive at LM Coaching is to provide an inclusive paddlesport environment. We offer canoeing and kayaking coaching, guiding and adventures for all ages and abilities.

We work throughout the UK, Ireland and Europe running kayaking and canoeing coaching courses, trips, bespoke paddlesport coaching, introductions to paddlesport, female specific coaching, personal development and British Canoeing Courses (Personal's, Coaching, Leadership and Safety Courses) in the following disciplines:

* Whitewater Canoeing

* Open Water Canoeing 

* Whitewater Kayaking

* Sea Kayaking 


We often get that comment of 'Oh I didn't realise you could run that!'

So just so you know at LM Coaching we can run the following:

*Paddlesport Safety and Rescue

*Paddlesport Leader Training/Assessments

*Touring Leader Training/Assessments

*Moderate Open Water Canoe Leader Training and Assessments

*Whitewater Canoe Leader Training and Assessments

*Advanced Open Water Canoe Leader Training and Assessments

*Moderate Sea Leader Training and Assessments

*Paddlesport Instructor

*SUP Instructor

*Core Coach

*Open Water Canoe Coach Training/Assessments

*Whitewater Canoe Coach Training/Assessments

*Sheltered Water Coach Training/Assessment

*Advanced Open Water Coach Training/Assessment

*Sea Kayak Coach Training/Assessment

*Canoe Award

*Progressive Canoe Award

*Sea Kayak Award

*Coastal Sea Kayak Award

*Whitewater Award

*Touring Awards

*Bespoke Coaching for Canoes and Kayaks in Sea, Whitewater and Openwater

*Intro's to Canoeing and Kayaking

*1:1 Courses

*Female Specific Coaching

*Confidence Building

*And finally our Guided Paddlesport Trips.

We've probably missed something but you get the idea.

Check out Our About Us, Up Coming Courses and Trips pages for further info


If you can't find what you are looking for on our website please feel free to drop us a message or contact us via email or phone.



LM Coaching - Head Coach
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